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  1. Make sure you update ROS first before doing cheats.
  2. Hello guys after testing for long hours, here's my ban from my main account to 3rd dummy account. Means there is a bug between the server anti cheat and ROS client (Some of users getting ban 30 days ban some is not). that they needed to fix it before it can ban some legit player of ROS. Sad to say that i don't want you to get ban but i am not closing the cheat just for the people who makes fun using it. Lets wait until they fix this issue. maybe tommorow after update. -loves from Code5yndicate.
  3. Rules of Survival Free VIP Cheat 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 π™£π™šπ™¬? Recent: βœ…Added Ignore Team ESP βœ…Added Ignore Injured ESP βœ…Improved Spin Bot βœ…Fixed ESP 30 days βœ…Anti Permanent is back Old: βœ… Fixed Crashing When using ITEM ESP βœ… Fixed ESP Display Text Bug βœ… Fixed Box and Line Bug βœ… Fixed Crash when loading βœ… Improved Flip/Underground Vehicle (It is now accurate) βœ… Added Player Angle/Camera (You can see a line where your enemy is looking) βœ… Improved Spin Bot ‼️ Invisible Crouch will be available soon (For now it is available for devs and moder
  4. @Dc15cool is talking about Creative Destruction not CF πŸ˜„ it would be possible if they have a lot of players.
  5. Its detected, but i am looking forward to make it undetected. By the way you can use invisible, ghost walk cause its the same result with Underground feature.