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  1. Mas bobo ka 😂 di mo nga alam paganahin eh. Talo ka pa ng 9 years old na naka cheat hahahahaha
  2. Rules of Survival VIP Cheat 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 𝙣𝙚𝙬 v11.8 ✔️ Improved ESP Design and Fonts (Health bar, Player name and etc) ✔️Fixed Some Attachment ESP (Bullet Loops and other attachments) v11.7.1 ✔️ Improved Anti Detection ✔️Fixed Aimbot Bug (Doesn't off even you release aimbot key) v11.7 ✔️ Improved Menu Selection ✔️Updated anti detection v11.6.1 ✔️Improved Radar when in vehicle ✔️IFixed Fly/Wall kill Doesnt off when titan and big head enabled. ✔️I Fixed Ignore Injured ESP not working ✔️IFixed Team ESP bug ✔️IFixed ESP Bug when enemy
  3. v11.6 🆕Added Big Head (You can headshot your enemy easily) 🆕Added Titan (Attack on titan is on ROS and you can kill them easily cause they are Super Big) 🆕Improved and Optimized ESP & Performance (Improve Color separation of Enemy, Team and Bot and Optimized execution for performance improvement) 🆕Improved Radar when in vehicle 🆕Fixed Crash when Loading Cheat Read Main Thread: https://hax4you.net/topic/941-rules-of-survival-free-vip-cheat-official-thread/#comments
  4. Its not from our cheat its your PC, maybe clean your PC first before using cheats.
  5. Anong ibalik ang smooth aim eh nandyan na nga lahat ng kailangan mo, wala naman akong binago diyan dinagdagan ko lang.
  6. We are aware of this issue and we will fix it soon. You can use the cheat by injecting it multiple times.
  7. Maintenance has ended, you can now cheat but use dummy account first.