Our Cheat is Outdated and not Working as of now. We will back soon! ×
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Our Cheat is Outdated and not Working as of now. We will back soon!


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  1. 9 hours ago, k1llj0y said:

    how to insert image? i have a screenshot. if you use walk though press g it still pass through even ur not pressing g. and even if u turn it off, it still pass through but it fixed itself after a while

    Yeah its a bug. So better not to use walkthru always

  2. 17 hours ago, TIMOTHY1123 said:

    Pano po gamitin yung sa special features yung show game capture tinestingan ko po sa bandicam kita pa rin po yung cheat



    ON means you want to show your cheat for recording, off to hide it. make sure you load cheat before attemp to record or opening bandicam.

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  3. v11.6

    🆕Added Big Head (You can headshot your enemy easily)
    🆕Added Titan (Attack on titan is on ROS and you can kill them easily cause they are Super Big)
    🆕Improved and Optimized ESP & Performance
    (Improve Color separation of Enemy, Team and Bot and Optimized execution for performance improvement)
    🆕Improved Radar when in vehicle
    🆕Fixed Crash when Loading Cheat


    Read Main Thread: https://hax4you.net/topic/941-rules-of-survival-free-vip-cheat-official-thread/#comments

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  4. 7 hours ago, batawara000 said:

    the link is almost ready but the 5 seconds countdown never start. do i need to wait longer than 10 mns?


    Youneed to click anywhere to pop ads 

  5. 1 hour ago, Jhuriel said:

    Please help me fix the game client it seems that I cannot activate the game because of outdated client.

    Please don't spam! the client already told you that update your ros first before cheating. so you must update the ros then login then close then do it again with cheat.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Joyce said:

    Good day Admin and moderator etc.


    sana po maka upload kayo ng cheats na para sa gameloop/tencent buddy PUBG mobile with instruction 

    para yung mga taga PUBG na naka support din po sa page at site nyo ay magkaroon din ng cheats para sa laro nila 

    not just for me but for anyone else who play's PUBGM too



    thank you 

    Soon i will develope a PUBGM hack

  7. 1 hour ago, ZeroByteZ said:

    Pag natapos na mga plan namin sa ROS Cheat, Susunod na CFPH Cheat, After Crossfire, SFTH (Special Force Thailand) naman, Then PBPH (Point Blank PH) and possibly Counter Strike GO might come.

    Yes, wait lang kayo 🙂 mahirap din mag develop eh kung alam  kong di ko mamemaintain 🙂