Our Cheat is Outdated and not Working as of now. We will back soon! ×
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Our Cheat is Outdated and not Working as of now. We will back soon!


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  1. 1 hour ago, OliverX said:

    Kailan Kaya Babalik Yung TeleHack Tsaka Yung Nasa Ilalim Nang Lupa Na Feature Sana Magkaroon Nun Sa Premium Cheat

    Its detected, but i am looking forward to make it undetected. By  the way you can use invisible, ghost walk cause its the same result with Underground feature.

  2. Hello users! 🙂

    I know how tired you are when activating our free cheats. So here's our good update to lessen your tiredness. Not too much but we hope that you appreciate.

    • 1st Activation = 4 Ads
    • 2nd Activation = 3 Ads
    • 3rd Activation = 1 Ads
    • 4th Activation = 1 Ads
    • 5th Activation and more = No Ads

    The list above is the ads you will encounter everyday. Let say you are already activated and your activation expired you will encounter 2nd Activation and it will reset everyday.

    More improvements to come and thankyou for staying with us.


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  3. Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a system-level memory protection feature that is built into the operating system starting with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. DEP enables the system to mark one or more pages of memory as non-executable. Marking memory regions as non-executable means that code cannot be run from that region of memory, which makes it harder for the exploitation of buffer overruns.

    Set DEP Back To Default Behavior
    To set DEP behavior back to default and make it manageable again via system settings, do the following.

    Open the Command window as Administrator.
    Enter the command bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx OptIn.


    Restart the computer.
    Now the radio buttons in the DEP tab in systems settings are accessible again.

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