Dear Hax4You Members, As of now we are not active and our Cheats isn't working or Updated, We may ComeBack soon but we can't tell when, That's all - Thank you all and Stay Safe! Ă—
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Dear Hax4You Members, As of now we are not active and our Cheats isn't working or Updated, We may ComeBack soon but we can't tell when, That's all - Thank you all and Stay Safe!

HAX4YOU Rules and Regulations

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A word about the rules
The rules are here for the benefit of everyone. It says something about a community that we have not required any for four years despite the occasional heated debate. However, as the community has grown it seems only fair to create rules for both members and staff alike.

Rules are not the same as laws. They are applied to each individual situation as the need arises and can be interpreted by the staff after reaching a consensus, where appropriate, or they may be enforced quicker in the case of situations requiring immediate attention or that are in very clear violation of the rules.

Please respect the outcome of any decisions made by the staff.

Rules for Posting

  1. No Flaming. Never threaten the project, developers or other forum members. Threatening behavior will be dealt with swiftly by staff and may result in a ban.
  2. Be respectful to staff and members and have common sense, and you will be fine.
  3. Don't insult, bash or Impersonate Members & Staff or have heated arguments with other members. Doing so will be warned or banned by staff.
  4. No Spamming. Spamming violations may result in your post count being reset, revocation of posting privileges, or even permanent banning from the site.
  5. Multi-posting. Multi-posting is repeating the same message several times in the same topic, or, making a post directly after another, when you could have edited the additional comments into your first post.
  6. Multithreading. Multithreading is posting the same message in several different threads. If you do not receive a reply to your post, it may be that people do not have an opinion or are simply not online. Be patient.
  7. Unauthorized Advertising. Any unauthorized advertisements will be deleted and the offending member may be banned. Please note that linking to your company website is permitted in your signature as a plain text link.
  8. Posting of downloadable files is strictly not allowed. This is to protect you and the other members of the community. The staff of Hax4You are not responsible for any files you receive and download from other members.
  9. No discussion of politics or religion anywhere on these forums - there are many other websites where you may discuss these topics.
  10. Please respect others’ opinions. Do not state that they are wrong and dismiss them in a derogatory manner.
  11. Please don't tell other people to go and search if they ask a question that has been asked before. If you like, inform a member of staff or a moderator via the reporting feature and we will do our best to merge it into a relevant topic, or you could suggest in a polite manner so as not to offend that they Google the forums via this link - just remember to be friendly as a link on its own can be mistaken for frustration or impatience.
  12. Please do not make demands of the developers of this project or of those who manage the forums. It is disrespectful to the people who give so much of their free time to this community
  13. Please contact us if you have an issue with another member or even a staff member - the relevant points of contact are at the bottom of this post
  14. Please respect the privacy of others. If a member chooses to use a pseudonym rather than their real name, that is their privilege. Please respect their wishes and do not out them even if their real name is common knowledge.
  15. Keep to one identity. Do not create alternate avatars and just stick to the one. If there are technical reasons why you need a new one (can’t rescue the old one, perhaps) be open about it.
  16. If you are angry about something, step back, take a breather and try to post a reasonable reply. If you feel that someone is being wholly unreasonable or stubborn, please contact a member of staff.
  17. Please try and use Common Sense. No set of rules can cover everything. If you think about what you are posting before posting, you shouldn’t run into any trouble. Remember, this is a forum about game cheats, software & tutorials not world peace. It is doubtful ANY argument is important enough to be angry about.
  18. Please note that these rules may be updated from time to time. If you continue to use these forums it is assumed that you agree to them.


Rules for using the Personal Message system

The boards have a simple and unrestricted personal messenger - please use this responsibly. In addition to the above rules regarding posting:

  1. Please do not use the personal messenger to threaten anyone, tell them off or send a message that is likely to upset or offend.
  2. Please respect every member’s privacy and only PM someone if you feel they will be happy to receive a message from you.
  3. If you receive any messages that you feel are inappropriate, please contact a member of staff rather than taking matters into your own hands.
  4. Please do not copy and paste private messages into the public forums without the consent of the sender.

Rules for using our Cheat Client

First of all Hax4You Cheats is free, we don't ask for anything in return, we try to make updates as often as possible to keep it simple for all users but complete and especially undetected by Anti Cheats while improving it.

  • Sharing & Using Ad-Block/Ad-Bypass to bypass our Hax4You Client activation ads is strictly not allowed. You will be permanently banned from hax4you forums, discord and client if you caught.
  • Cracking/Leeching Hax4You Cheats is strictly not allowed. You will be permanently banned from hax4you forums, discord and client if you caught.

Actions we might take

  1. At the sole discretion of the forum staff and/or administrators, you may be given a warning if you break the rules.
  2. If the infraction is deemed severe enough, you will be banned.
  3. If you repeatedly break the rules or are belligerent in your response to staff/admin messages about an infraction then you will also be banned.
  4. If we do contact you it will be via the personal messenger system on the forums or, in the event of a ban, we will contact you via your registration email. We will not conduct conversations in public nor will we reply to any public conversations about a particular case.

Privacy Policy

  • We will not release any member information. unless its under the court order.
  • We do not monitor any users private messages.
  • We further, reserve the right to to disable/edit any account at any time for any reason and also modify and amend these terms at any time with or without notice.

Points of contact

  • If you have an issue that requires staff attention, in the first instance you should report the content using the “Report” link at the bottom-right corner of the relevant post.
  • If you wish to, please contact a particular member of staff directly about an issue.

If your issue is about a particular member of staff, please contact @ Code5yndicateand/or @ ZeroByteZ via Personal Message or Discord.
Contact Information:

  • Discord: Code5yndicate#7184
  • Discord: ZeroByteZ#7992

Please don't be put off by these rules. They are in place to help make sure that the site keeps its nice and friendly atmosphere. We're not here to rule with an iron fist - we’re here to discuss ideas and help one another, but we will act when people disregard the rules or ruin the atmosphere.

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