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Knives Out Hack/Cheat - Patch Notes

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We hope that these changes below will provide a better experience for our users and we appreciate their feedback and suggestions to continue improving our cheat.

V3.2 (Aug 17, 2023)


 Improved Anti Detection & Bypass
🆕 Added Vertical & Horizontal Speed Control for aimbot
 Improved Aimbot Algo
 Improved Internal/Core Functions
 Fixed Steam Proof
 Fixed Silent Aim Crash
🆕 Mouse Thumb Support
🆕 Added Switch Mode Aim Type

V3.0 (May 11, 2023)

 Fixed Parachute & High Jump Bug
 Fixed ESP Bug when player is low
 Improved Aimbot Retarget Algo
 Improved Aimbot Accuracy
 Improved Box & Player Details Size/Position Calculations
 Improved Box & Skeleton Shadow
🆕 Added Responsive Horizontal Health Bar & Fixed Option
🆕 Added Angle Length Option
🆕 Added No Weapon Weight
🆕 Added Run, Crouch, Prone & Walk Speed 
🆕 Added Aimbot Bone Scan Trigger
🆕 Added Radar Animation (You can decide if you wanna animate dying or alive players)
🆕 Added Re-Scan if the Target Player is Dead or Dying
 Improved Player Line Position (Now Compatible for any Screen Size)
 Improved Radar Position, Size and Scale (Now Compatible for Any Screen Size)
 Improved Fixed Vehicle Position (Now it sync's to Camera Angle)
 Improved Config System (The latest update includes prompts for saving, deleting, and renaming settings, as well as a check to verify if the current setting has been saved.)
⚠️  Disabled Some Detected Features to Avoid Getting banned. (But if you wanna take a risk then there's an option to unlock it)


 Fix ESP Bug when player is low health (Not sure if its completely fixed, Report to me if this bug still happen)
 Fixed ESP Bug (HP Bar not showing when Skeleton or Box is off)
 Improved Internal functions

🆕 Added First Person Zoom
🆕 Added Third Person Zoom
 Fixed Auto Climb Bug
 Fixed Fly Hack Bug when entering a vehicle

🆕 Added Set Target and FOV for each type (Let say if you want to target HEAD for Silent Aim then Body for Remote Bullet)


 Fixed Stream Proof Blinking
 Increased ESP Text Size and Improved Spacing
 Fixed ESP Not showing when spectating
 Fixed ESP not when the player is in Vehicle or Parachute
 Fixed Symbol and Chinese Characters/Letter not showing
🆕 Now Support Chinese Characters
🆕 Added Notification System

🆕 Added Set Target By Key (1-4 Presets)
🆕 Added Set Aim Type by Key (1-3 Presets)
🆕 Added Ignore Dying/Injured
 Fixed Aimbot Bug (When Show Target is off, Remote and Silent is not working)
 Fixed Aimbot Bug (Target Slowly Change)

🆕 Added Standard Fly Hack (Simple and Faster)
🆕 Added No Gravity
🆕 Added Auto Climb Hotkey
🆕 Added Walkthrough Hotkey
🆕 Added Auto Head
 Improved Player Fly Hack
 Fast Parachute Sometimes Not Working (Fixed)

🆕 Added Vehicle Fix Position (Restore your vehicle original position)

🆕 Added Customizable Hotkey/Keybind
 Fixed Configuration Bug


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